McCaskill sign with Warriors Boxing!


Warriors Boxing  Signs Their First Female Fighter, Jessica McCaskill, to
a Promotional Contract
In a historic move, Warriors Boxing proudly announces the signing of their first female fighter, Jessica “CasKILLA” McCaskill to a promotional contract.
McCaskill (2-1, 2 KOs) is a power-punching lightweight originally from St. Louis, now living in Chicago and training under well-known Windy City boxing figure Rick Ramos.
“Signing this deal is very exciting,” said McCaskill. “It’s the first step of many to a world title belt. I’m looking forward to fighting internationally and becoming a strong female presence and helping to bring back female boxing altogether.”
The 32-year-old says she started off in boxing as a crude slugger, relying solely on her amazing natural strength. But nearly three years of working with Ramos has brought significant change.
“I started off as a brawler,” she explained. “In St. Louis, it was really about being flashy and in attack mode all the time. But since I moved to Chicago, Rick has taught me how to be a boxer with more skills. Now I fight like more of a combination of the two styles. I feel my opponents out and then if Rick turns me loose, I’ll go back to being the brawler and stop the show. I turn things off and on. I can hear only him during a fight and whatever he’s telling me to do, that’s what I do. He’s got 100% of my trust.”
Ramos, who says McCaskill is one of the most powerful and fiercely competitive fighters he’s ever worked with, has high hopes for McCaskill.
“Jessica is very dominant in the ring. She can’t even spar with women anymore. They can’t take her power. She spars with men. When I first started working with her, she was a little wild. I’ve slowed her down and got her organized. And now that she’s signed with Warriors, she can go as far as she wants to go. Warriors took a chance on her and that says a lot. I’m excited to see what they can do. The sky is now the limit.”
McCaskill says signing with a reputable promotional company is a big step for her career. “My network will grow and doors will open and different eyes will see what I can do now. I’ll be looking for six- and then eight-round fights in the next little bit. And a world championship challenge isn’t that far behind. I’m not here to waste any time.”
Dominic Pesoli, Vice President of Warriors Boxing and long-time Chicago boxing figure, says he likes what he’s seen from McCaskill, thus far.
“Jessica has a very exciting style and her fans show up in large numbers to watch,” said Pesoli. “We are very happy to be working with her as our first female fighter. Women’s combat sports are growing in popularity again and Jessica shows a great deal of promise that we intend to help her develop.”
“She is one of the hardest female punchers in all of boxing right now,” said Warriors Chief Operating Officer, Luis DeCubas. “Leon Margules and I are happy to be working with Jessica. A female knockout artist is a rarity in boxing and Jessica is truly one of them.”
About Warriors Boxing
Launched in 2003, Warriors Boxing operates under a simple philosophy-bring the best boxers in the world to fight fans, match them in competitive bouts, and in doing so help re-establish the sport of boxing for a new generation.
With a series of successful Pay-Per-View shows and packed houses to its credit, the Warriors business model is working wonders in a sport that was sorely in need of the innovation and energy that the company brings to the table.
When it comes down to it though, a promotional company is only as good as the fighters and fights it promotes. Warriors Boxing has delivered on all fronts, with outstanding bouts such as Lara-Molina, Cayo-Peterson, Abraham-Miranda I and II, Miranda-Pavlik, Miranda-Green, Ibragimov-Briggs, Ibragimov-Klitschko, Urango-Hatton, Urango-Bailey, Cayo-Maidana and Ibragimov-Holyfield.
For more information on Warriors Boxing, visit their website at
Andre Courtemanche, Warriors Boxing: (954) 302-2462

McCaskill extends her contract with Ramos!

15135824_1255741531155849_5673812395620526498_n“I am proud to say that Chicago’s hottest female professional prize fighter – Jessica “Caskilla” McCaskill has signed a managerial extension with me. I look forward to working with her for the rest of her professional career. With that said … I will have BIG news this Thanksgiving week regarding her career. Stay tuned. Thank you for trusting me Jessica. I will NOT let you down. I promise! Chicago female boxing has been getting attention the moment you hit the scene. It’s game time now!”  – Ramos 

Rumors have surfaced about Ramos having her signed to a promotional deal. Stay tuned….. #teammccaskill #rickramosboxing

Ramos says: “New Gym, More Fighters!”

180_IMG_1158Chicago’s up and coming boxing coach and manager Rick Ramos is looking for fighters.

“I have owned a boxing gym for 9 years now… and I think I had it ALL wrong. I had the mindset – BIGGER IS BETTER.  I have traveled to a lot of boxing gyms through out the US and most boxing gyms are small (Wild Card, Romanza, Knuckle Heads etc) . I think I am going back to the school mind set. I would rather own 2 or 3 small gyms through out the city than 1 big one. I think some of Chicago’s best trainer(s) will be leaving the game in the next 2-4 years and I want to be ready!  

I will be working on building a boxing gym that focuses ONLY on fighters.  I want my focus to be on fighters and signing fighters instead of chasing people who don’t pay dues, late fees and toilet paper  … haha.

My new gym will start Jan 1st or sooner. I am making a lot of changes. I want to work with the BEST – I am coming for WINNERS. As of now.. I am looking for more female fighters, young heavyweight (boys/men) fighters.”  – RICK RAMOS

Ramos is 1 of a few gyms that makes his fighters TRY OUT for his Golden Gloves team – Ramos also offers strength and conditioning workouts to his fighters with NO fighters. I am excited to see this guy grow. Ramos brings a fresh ideas and new looks to the Chicago Boxing scene.

If you are interested in fighting for coach Ramos please contact  him at:

Are you interested in fighting?

13407233_1119525191444151_6627236185935948014_n-2“I am looking for female fighters (ages 13- 23) with or without experience who are interested in fighting. I am also looking for Heavyweight (males ages 14- 20 years old).”

Please contact Rick Ramos at:
#rickramosboxing #freechicagoboxing #bodyshotboxingclub

Undercard set – June 18th in Chicago!

2344223f-6ec7-4d82-a0a4-cd259df1ada8-1Chicago star – Andrej Fonfara returns to the ring June18th in Chicago. Fight poster is now up for viewing….

Added to the undercard: Jose Felix Quezada and Jessica McCaskill (both managed by Rick Ramos)  are listed on the fight card. Quezada brings speed, skill and talent … and McCaskill brings power, strength and non stop action!


“I’m excited to be front row to watch Quezada and in the corner of McCaskill. I will be in the zone. I will be ready for an exciting night of boxing… not for the sport in general but for Chicago. Having these BIG fights here definitely brings credit back to Chicago Boxing. I’m very happy!” – Rick Ramos 

#freechicagoboxing #teamquezada #teammccaskill #rickramosboxing

Quezada returns in May

12289716_900369933385534_2151370809273644057_nChicago’s hot prospect Jose Felix Quezada returns to the ring – May 17- Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, MN and right back in Chicago June 18th at UIC on the undercard of Chicago King Andrzej Fonfara (NBC sports).

“Quezada will have a busy summer – We are looking at 4 fights this summer and a big fight later this year!” – Rick Ramos

Rick Ramos Boxing Snap Backs on SALE!

12933074_1073323779397626_7910070071336971808_nGreat news:  Definitive Selection will be selling “RICK RAMOS BOXING” snap backs ($20) . Definitive Selection is located at: 1002 w. 18th in Pilsen – Chicago.


“I am very excited, grateful and blessed to have my snapbacks in a local store. Pilsen (Chicago) is in the heart of Chicago and is the soul of the Latino community. I will bring new and trendy styles to my hats, shirts and summer gear.  Thank you for all the support and love.”  – RR

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